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Date: September 10, 2008

Time: 9:00 PM

City: Gainesville, Florida

Venue: Phillips Center

Presenter: University of Florida Performing Arts




A Musical Meditation on the Anniversary of 9/11

With special guest The P.K. Yonge Middle School Performing Arts Chorus, conducted by Melanie Harris

Traditional (arr. Kronos, transc. Ljova) / Adhans [Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia] +
Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky / Awakening [Uzbekistan] *
Unknown (arr. Kronos, transc. Ljova) / Oh Mother, the Handsome Man Tortures Me [Iraq] +
Traditional (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Lullaby [Iran] +
Ram Narayan (arr. Kronos, transc. Ljova) / Raga Mishra Bhairavi [India] +

Einsturzende Neubauten (arr. Paola Prestini & Kronos) / Armenia [Germany] +
John Oswald / Spectre [Canada] *
Michael Gordon / The Sad Park [United States] *
  Part 1 two evil planes broke in little pieces and fire came
  Part 2 there was a big boom and then there was teeny fiery coming out
  Part 3 I just heard that on the news that the buildings are crashing down
  Part 4 and all the persons that were in the airplane died
Played without pause

Osvaldo Golijov & Gustavo Santaolalla / Darkness 9/11 from the film 11/09/01 [Argentina]
Terry Riley / One Earth, One People, One Love from Sun Rings [United States] *
Traditional (arr. Kronos, transc. Ljova) / Tusen Tankar (A Thousand Thoughts) [Sweden] +
Vladimir Martynov (rescored for Kronos by V. Martynov) / The Beatitudes [Russia] +

Performed without intermission and played without pause

Updated: 11/21/2008

* Written for Kronos
+ Arranged for Kronos

Recent World Premiere

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