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Date: April 17, 1998

Time: TBD

City: Boston, MA

Venue: Blackman Auditorium

Presenter: Northeastern University


Guillaume de Machaut (arr. Kronos Quartet) / Kyrie I +
Arvo Pärt / Psalom
Harry Partch (arr. Ben Johnston) / Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales: +
1)  Olympos’ Pentatonic
2)  Archytas’ Enharmonic
Jack Body / Long-Ge +
John Cage (arr. Eric Salzman) / Totem Ancestor +
Guillaume de Machaut (arr. Kronos Quartet) / Kyrie II +
Kassia (arr. Diane Touliatos) / Using the Apostate Tyrant As His Tool +
Perotin (arr. Kronos) / Viderunt Omnes +
Guillaume de Machaut (arr. Kronos Quartet) / Kyrie III +
Henry Purcell / Four Part Fantasia No. 2
(June 11, 1680)
Hildegard von Bingen (arr. Marianne Pfau) / O Virtus Sapientie +
Traditional (arr. Steve Mackey) / Uleg-Khem +
Alfred Schnittke (arr. Kronos Quartet) / Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief +


Tan Dun / Ghost Opera *
with special guest Wu Man, pipa

Please note that the first half of the program will be played without pause.

Updated:  10/24/97
* Written for Kronos
+ Arranged for Kronos

Recent World Premiere

Philip Glass' String Quartet No. 6 premiered at the Chan Centre in Vancouver (Oct 19, 2013), followed by performances at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, NV (Oct 21), Clarice Smith Center in College Park, MD (Oct 24), and Stanford Live in Stanford, CA (Jan 15, 2014). Upcoming performances include Krannert Center in Urbana, IL (Mar 19), Théâtre de la Ville in Paris (May 5), the Barbican in London (May 13) and more.

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