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Soo Yeon Lyuh - Korea / USA


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About Soo Yeon Lyuh

Soo Yeon Lyuh is a haegeum (Korean two-string fiddle) player, composer, and improviser currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rigorously trained in court and folk repertories from a young age, Lyuh is known for her masterful performances of new compositions for the haegeum. In Korea, she served as a member of the National Gugak Center’s new music troupe for 12 years.

Deeply invested in exploring new musical possibilities via improvisation, she has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet, Henry Kaiser, William Winant, and numerous other diverse international performers and composers. Lyuh has premiered new music compositions by Cindy Cox, David Evan Jones, Donald Womack, and Thomas Osborne. She has performed renowned contemporary and experimental concerts in festivals and venues all over the world, including the 2016 Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival (MASS MoCA), Isang Yun Music Festival (North Korea), Pacific Exchange 2016 (SF), Büyükşehir Belediyesi Sanat ve Kültür Sarayı (Turkey), Siri Fort Auditorium (India) and the Seoul Arts Center, among others.

Lyuh holds a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in Korean Musicology from Seoul National University where she taught for six years. More recently, she has organized workshops and lecture concerts in collaboration with faculty at UC Berkeley (Ken Ueno), UC Santa Cruz (Hikyung Kim), UC Davis (Katherine Lee), and Mills College (John Bischoff, Chris Brown). Lyuh seeks to continually expand contemporary haegeum possibilities through work with new media and technology. She is currently a Scholar-Artist in Residence at Mills College.

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