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June 21, 2018

Kronos honored with the 2018 WOMEX Artist Award

WOMEX – the World Music Expo – announced today that Kronos Quartet will receive the 2018 WOMEX Artist Award at the annual event, which is being held this year in the Canary Islands, October 24–28. Kronos is honored and proud to be recognized by such an energizing and galvanizing force in the world of music.

“That Kronos is now included in the amazing roster of awardees is both humbling and a huge challenge as we chart our future musical routes and adventures” said David Harrington, Kronos’ artistic director, founder and violinist, “We celebrate our membership in the global community of musicians every day as we attempt, with every note we play, to offer paths forward reflecting the inspiring possibilities shown us by our incredible composers and collaborators. The fabric of future music needs all the strength, vitality and broad vision we can muster. The WOMEX Artist Award propels us into the future, and we are very grateful.”

Previous Artist Award winners include Calypso Rose (Trinidad & Tobago), Oumou Sangaré (Mali), Mariza (Portugal), Hugh Masekela (South Africa) and Los Van Van (Cuba). Full list >

Bringing over 2,500 professionals from more than 90 countries together annually for a trade fair, talks, films, and a showcase festival, WOMEX describes itself as “the biggest conference of the global music scene.” They write in their announcement of the award:

“If WOMEX claims to be the most diverse music meeting, then San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet is arguably the most diverse string quartet when it comes to repertoire. Throughout over 60 studio recordings and countless performances all over the globe, Kronos Quartet have taken two violins, viola and cello to entirely new horizons. They have earned worldwide acclaim not only for traveling from minimal music and contemporary composition to jazz and for collaborations with iconic pop stars and avant-garde artists such as Laurie Anderson, but also for their work with Azerbaijani composer Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Chinese pipa player Wu Man, Argentine composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla, Indian singer Asha Bhosle and 2016 WOMEX showcasers Trio Da Kali from Mali. Their music celebrates openness, curiosity, and intercultural dialogue; what could be more deserving of the WOMEX Artist Award than this?”

After the WOMEX Award Ceremony on Sunday, October 28, Kronos will close out WOMEX 18 with a concert for the delegates.


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