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  • The first reviews of Ladilikan, our forthcoming album with Trio Da Kali, are in…


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September 13, 2017

The first reviews of Ladilikan, our forthcoming album with Trio Da Kali, are in…

EDITOR’S PICK “A bold fusion of the musical traditions from the West and those of Africa: Western tempered scale instruments blend seamlessly with traditional African instruments, creating a wonderful musical hybrid that is engaging, fascinating and irresistible… If it is true that music crosses all boundaries and connects all of us with our common humanity, regardless of the usual divisions, then Ladilikan shines brightly as a wonderful example of putting that idea into practice. Perhaps collaborations like this can, in their own small way, show the road ahead for all of us.” – Folk Radio UK

Spellbinding… This encounter with three outstanding Malian musicians dazzles; and Nick Gold’s production has a winning vibrancy.” – The Guardian

Delightful… makes a repertoire of music that is centuries old sound vital and new; unlike anything you may have heard before” – The Economist’s 1843 Magazine

Entrancing… Trio Da Kali and the Kronos Quartet feel like a match made in heaven: musical soulmates. It’s a melodic, fairytale union, and Ladilikan is a sweet, soulful album… This is intercontinental hybridization at its most enchanting, an enjoyable cross-genre exploration filled with heart, harmony, and a vital energy that takes old traditions and makes them into something wonderful and new.” – PopMatters

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Mouthwatering… promises to be something very special indeed” – WOMAD 2017 Programme

5/5 STARS “Sets Western chamber music in dialogue with its West African counterpart in ways that enhance the Manding melodies” – The Financial Times

Bracing… defies whatever expectations might be held for the combining of approaches… exciting” – KPCC’s Take Two

RECOMMENDED “Exceptionally fine… a rare success in cross cultural collaborations” – Stereophile

Kudos… Once again, Kronos has pulled off a natural and effortless blend of disparate musical tradition” – KCRW’s Rhythm Planet

“Kronos Quartet has made some kick-ass collaborations with other musical artists over the years, but their new album Ladilikan, a creation with the Malian group Trio Da Kali, is certainly one of their best.” – The Bay Area Reporter

Gorgeous… a brilliantly complete integration: one borderless group of master musicians” – Conduit

Ladilikan is a striking, beautiful record and a vibrant collaboration between two undeniably talented entities” – GIGsoup

“A soulful collaboration” – The Vinyl Factory

“Fans can always count on Kronos to provide an interesting listen rife with surprises… Everything on Ladilikan has a mesmerizing effect” – AXS


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