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Date: April 05, 2017

Time: 8:00 PM

City: Bogotá, Colombia

Venue: Teatro Colón de Bogotá



Franghiz Ali-Zadeh / Mugam Sayagi **
Fodé Lassana Diabaté (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Sunjata’s Time: 3. Nana Triban * 
Geeshie Wiley (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Last Kind Words +
Kala Ramnath (arr. Reena Esmail) / Amrit *
Komitas (arr. Mary Kouyoumdjian) / Groung +
Mario Galeano Toro / Corteros **  World premiere
Mario Galeano Toro / Microsurco de Liebre **  World premiere


Terry Riley / Good Medicine from Salome Dances for Peace **
Abel Meeropol (arr. Jacob Garchik) / Strange Fruit +
Mary Kouyoumdjian / Bombs of Beirut **
    i. Before the War –
    ii. The War –
    iii. After the War

Please Note: Tonight’s performance of Bombs of Beirut includes actual recordings of the sounds of warfare, including incoming missiles and the detonation of bombs, all at high decibel levels. These are loud sounds that continue for approximately four minutes. Audience members may wish to avoid this piece if there is any history of PTSD, anxiety disorders, or other psychological or medical conditions that would likely be exacerbated by exposure to such sounds.


* Composed for Fifty for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire
** Written for Kronos
+ Arranged for Kronos

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