San Francisco, California

June 27, 2015
AT 07:30 PM

Venue: SFJAZZ Center

Presenter: Kronos Performing Arts Association


KRONOS PRESENTS: Terry Riley FestivalKronos, Terry & Friends

With Terry Riley, Drew Cameron, The Living Earth Show, Kala Ramnath, Gyan Riley, and Volti.

For night two of the festival, Kronos, Terry & Friends, composer and quartet are joined by a cast of guest performers for an evening of new works, birthday tributes and Riley classics.  Six composers—Jherek Bischoff, Caleb Burhans, Joan Jeanrenaud, Maggi Payne, Greg Saunier and Aleksandra Vrebalov—offer Riley the birthday gift of a new piece of music, with “Minutes” for Terry, and the Bay Area new music ensemble The Living Earth Show joins Kronos for a new piece inspired by Riley’s radiantly layered A Rainbow in Curved Air.

Riley’s son, Gyan Riley, composes a new work, the last pancake, with father and son joining the quartet for its world premiere on keyboards and guitar, respectively. Terry Riley offers the San Francisco premiere of a recent work, Crazy World, and also performs with acclaimed poet Michael McClure, from their collaboration I Like Your Eyes, Liberty, and with virtuoso classical Indian violinist Kala Ramnath for his improvisational work,Turning. Drew Cameron joins Kronos for excerpts of Riley’s The Gift, and vocal ensemble Volti joins Kronos for Earth Whistlers from Sun Rings.


Terry Riley / The Gift (excerpts) *
with special guest Drew Cameron
Terry Riley / Earth Whistlers from Sun Rings *
with special guest Volti
Various / “Minutes” for Terry *  World Premiere
Jherek Bischoff /  Vitality
Caleb Burhans / Where the Wind Blows
Joan Jeanrenaud / 1/86,400 of a mean solar day
Maggi Payne / Shimmering
Greg Saunier / Low Res Life Twinkle in Forced Perspective
Aleksandra Vrebalov / Cosmic Love
Hamza El Din (realized by Tohru Ueda) / Escalay (Water Wheel) *
Terry Riley (Reimagined and interpreted by The Living Earth Show, Dan Becker, Danny Clay) / A Rainbow in Curved Air + World Premiere
with special guest The Living Earth Show

Travis Andrewsguitar, and Andy Meyersonpercussion


Terry Riley and Michael McClure / I Like Your Eyes, Liberty
with special guests Terry Rileypiano and Michael McClurepoetry
Terry Riley / Turning
with special guests Terry Riley, piano and Gyan Rileyguitar and Kala Ramnathviolin
Terry Riley / Crazy World San Francisco Premiere
with special guests Terry Rileyvoice and Gyan Rileyguitar
Gyan Riley / the first pancake World Premiere

1. Butter ’n’ Syrup
2. Funky Texture and the Floury Lumps
3. Full Stack of Injera: The Savory Shuffle
with special guests Terry Rileykeyboards, and Gyan Rileyguitar

PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Updated: 06/04/2015
* Written for Kronos / + Arranged for Kronos

KRONOS PRESENTS: Terry Riley Festival is made possible by generous support from Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation, and the Board of Directors of the Kronos Performing Arts Association. Additional support provided by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The Bernard Osher Foundation.

KRONOS PRESENTS: Terry Riley Festival is the inaugural program of KRONOS PRESENTS, a new initiative that will showcase the organization’s expansive curatorial vision, far-ranging musical collaborators and broad musical aesthetics, through an annual festival and other events. KRONOS PRESENTS is a program of the Kronos Performing Arts Association.


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