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December 14, 2015

Longtime Friend and Collaborator Jacob Garchik Featured on NPR Music

This past weekend, NPR Music featured Kronos’ good friend, collaborator, and Fifty for the Future arranger Jacob Garchik on their latest installment of Weekend Edition Sunday.

At the center of the feature was Garchik’s new album, Ye Olde, a prog-jazz suite about architecture—specifically, the history of medieval motifs on the apartment buildings of his Brooklyn neighborhood. Garchik and NPR discuss the musical and historical context around the album, his process of arranging this suite for unfamiliar instruments, and how this process was helped by his many years of arranging for Kronos.

Garchik’s latest collaboration with Kronos involves Fodé Lassana Diabaté’s Fifty for the Future composition, for which he orchestrated Diabaté’s balafon score into a piece for string quartet.

Listen to the story and read more about Garchik’s work on NPR Music.


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