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April 28, 2015

Silent Cranes Premieres TOMORROW!

Hello from Armenia! Mary Kouyoumdjian’s Silent Cranes premieres at the Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival tomorrow, followed by the US premiere in Brooklyn on May 12th. Please help support Silent Cranes - a work marking the centennial of the Armenian Genocide - by donating to our Indiegogo project before it closes tomorrow evening.

Mary writes from Yerevan:

On April 24, I made a pilgrimage to the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, Armenia. Joined by thousands of locals and members of the Diaspora that have traveled “home” from all over the world, the feeling of community amongst this scattered population was undeniably moving.

Along my walk, folk music poured from every corner - an outdoor orchestra, chamber musicians, a duduk, voices - Music has a powerful ability to connect and heal, and I am so looking forward to doing my part with Kronos Quartet’s premiere of “Silent Cranes.”

The piece includes projections of historic photos, textiles and other images created by Laurie Olinder, a designer, painter and photographer based in NYC. The work also contains testimonials of Genocide survivors recorded by David Barsamian, the host of Alternative Radio and an investigative journalist.

Please help support Silent Cranes by donating to our Indiegogo initiative - and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter - before it closes on Wednesday evening!


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