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July 18, 2016

Raven Chacon Featured in SITE Santa Fe

Raven Chacon, a Year Two composer for Kronos’ Fifty for the Future, is one of the participating artists in SITE Santa Fe‘s 2016 biennial, “much wider than a line,” which opens its doors to the public today. Chacon’s work, the “Native American Composers Apprentice Project,” is a 12-year project that has involved visiting various schools in the Navajo, Hopi, and Salt River Pima reservations, and working with students to compose short string quartet pieces. Every year, the New York–based ETHEL string quartet travels to the Grand Canyon to perform the student compositions, of which there are now over 300. This year, SITE Santa Fe is featuring scores and recordings of six of these student compositions from the past decade. We truly admire Chacon’s commitment to educating and inspiring these young students, and we hope they continue to write amazing music for string quartet!

The score and recording for Chacon’s Fifty for the Future piece will be available on our website in the Spring of 2017. We can’t wait for string quartets around the world to be able to learn it!


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