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November 21, 2018

Celebrate Kronos at 45

Since 1973, Kronos has championed new music through commissions, collaboration and education. Celebrate our 45 years (and help support our nonprofit mission) with a throwback t-shirt featuring one of our earlier logo designs. Please consider making an additional $20 donation above the cost of the shirt. Order and/or donate below.

Before Kronos Quartet even had its first rehearsal, founder and violinist David Harrington asked his friend and former teacher Ken Benshoof to compose a string quartet for the new ensemble. That was 45 years ago, and Ken’s “Traveling Music” became Kronos’ first commission. In those days, David had no way to compensate Ken for his beautiful music, but thanked him with a bag of doughnuts.

Composers, of course, cannot live on doughnuts alone, and goodwill can only sustain an artist’s career for so long. So, two years later, Kronos became a nonprofit and began to raise money so that we could champion our mission with more than just baked goods.

It is a testament to the generosity of our community of donors that Kronos has commissioned and premiered 1000 original works and arrangements, written by 400 artists from around the world. Among these are those included in Kronos’ Fifty for the Future open access education initiative. Through our website, young musicians in 80 countries have downloaded – for free – 11,000 free scores and parts by contemporary composers like Aleksandra Vrebalov, Philip Glass and Wu Man.

In honor of our 45th year, please consider rounding up the price of your t-shirt to $45 (just $20 more) to help Kronos continue to reimagine the world through music. Your support lifts up not only Kronos, but also the composers and musicians whom we collaborate with, the students we mentor, and the audiences we have been introducing to the future of music since our founding.

Thank you!


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