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  • From Dan Visconti, Recipient of the Kronos: Under 30 Project commission in 2005


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December 04, 2012

From Dan Visconti, Recipient of the Kronos: Under 30 Project commission in 2005

I came home one day with an armful of scores fresh from the copy shop just as someone claiming to be Kronos Quartet founding violinist David Harrington was leaving a message on my answering machine.

Thinking of friends who might have been pulling my leg, I thought, Kronos couldn’t have really chosen me as their next Under 30 composer! The thought of being the next person chosen for Kronos’ commissioning & mentoring program for young artists seemed unreal. However, within minutes I had made contact with David and was beginning one of the most important artistic collaborations of my composing career.

Working with Kronos through the Kronos Under 30 Project was a fulfilling musical experience in which I was able to learn the ropes of collaborating with a major arts organization. Through feedback on my score and many revisions along the way, I was not only able to create a piece of music that I was proud of, but more importantly, the process led me to identify compositional approaches and techniques that have served me well ever since.

The project also helped me embrace the idea that a contemporary composer should be more than a creator and rather a kind of cultural ambassador deeply connected to his or her community—just like Kronos are connected to theirs.

And I am just one of hundreds of composers that Kronos’ non-profit organization, the Kronos Performing Arts Association, has commissioned over the past 40 years, resulting in more than 750 new works. Through KPAA, Kronos also coaches young musicians around the world, gives concerts in its San Francisco Bay Area home region, and more.

And so, I would like to ask you to help make this important work happen by making a year-end gift to Kronos Performing Arts Association today. It’s easy to give online, and there are a number of donor levels and benefits to choose from.

Your support will benefit Kronos throughout their 40th Anniversary year, as they extend their commitments to commissioning new works, mentoring young composers, bringing music to audiences worldwide, and contributing to the global dialogue on the bright future of music. Thank you!


Dan Visconti


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