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December 18, 2012

A message from David Harrington, Founder & Artistic Director

After almost 40 years with Kronos, performing hundreds of new works commissioned by our non-profit organization, I’m used to the idea that how I feel about a piece of music will evolve over time.  But I was surprised and delighted when a recent performance of one of Kronos’ signature works, Aleksandra Vrebalov’s Pannonia Boundless, deepened not only my feelings for this wonderful piece, but my sense of and commitment to Kronos’ ongoing mission, here on the cusp of our fifth decade.

What surprised me most about that experience is that it wasn’t Kronos performing the piece. It was a quartet of teenagers: the Pannonia Quartet. That’s right—the young ensemble took its name from this piece, commissioned by Kronos, whose composer was herself a young student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music when I first met her back in 1995. The Pannonia Quartet approached the work in a very different way than Kronos—and it was absolutely right: inspired, vibrant, thrilling… and their own.

Beyond the euphoria of that moment, witnessing one of Kronos’ signature works take on new life in the hands of a new generation, I’m inspired by how the work of our organization, Kronos Performing Arts Association, contributed to that performance on so many levels:

-The commissioning of Aleksandra’s piece (and more than 750 others, by composers from around the world, ranging in age from 18 to 80)
-Kronos’ coaching sessions with Pannonia Quartet (and so many other young musicians from elementary through college levels and beyond)
-The recording of the work for our 1999 Kronos Caravan album
-The concert tours that enabled Kronos to bring Pannonia Boundless to global audiences
-And still more projects and programs.

It’s the work of many more than four people. Kronos Performing Arts Association includes our collaborating musicians, our incredible staff and board of directors, concert presenters and foundations that believe in our work, and generous donors who share Kronos’ vision of the future of music—people just like you.

And so, I would like to ask you to join us in this important work by making a year-end gift to Kronos Performing Arts Association today.  Your generous support now will benefit us throughout our 40th Anniversary year, as we extend our commitments to commissioning new works, mentoring young performers, bringing music to audiences worldwide, and contributing to the global dialogue on the bright future of music. Thank you!


David Harrington
Founder, Artistic Director, Violinist
Kronos Quartet / Kronos Performing Arts Association


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