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June 04, 2014

Share Your ‘Kronos Story’ & Enter Our CD Prize Drawing

Do you have a favorite Kronos Quartet memory—perhaps from a concert you attended over the course of the group’s 40-year history? Or maybe a pivotal moment in your life, accompanied or inspired by a particular Kronos recording? Or would you just like to express your thoughts on Kronos in general?

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we invite you to share your “Kronos Story” with us in a paragraph or two—click here to open our online submission form.  We’ll select a number of Kronos Stories and publish them on our website in the weeks to come.

When you submit your story, we’ll also enter you in our Kronos Stories Prize Drawing for a chance to win one of four copies of Kronos Quartet’s new A Thousand Thoughts CD or our Grand Prize, one copy of the new Kronos Explorer Series 5-CD boxed set!  (Note: Winners will be chosen by random drawing. You don’t need to submit a Kronos Story to enter the drawing. You may also submit a story and opt out of the drawing.)
Also, be sure to visit our Kronos Stories video page, in which a number of composers, performers, and other Kronos collaborators share their own favorite reflections on 40 years of Kronos.


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