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May 15, 2012

Songs For Unusual Creatures

Michael Hearst’s Songs For Unusual Creatures - which features the Kronos Quartet on two tracks - is out now! Listen and purchase here.

To celebrate some of the most bizarre animals on the planet (as well as some of the most bizarre musical instruments), Hearst has devised Songs For Unusual Creatures. The album consists of instrumental songs inspired by such beastly oddities as the aye-aye, the magnapinna squid, the blobfish, the elephant shrew, and the blue-footed booby. Instruments include daxophone, theremin, claviola, and stylophone. In addition to Kronos, guest musicians include Margaret Leng Tan, the LEMUR robots, Wade Schuman, and Cecilia Brauer, among others.

Listen to Aye-Aye and purchase the album here.


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