Two invitations from Kronos

Have you ever had a question for Kronos? Whether it’s a general one (at almost every family concert, Kronos gets asked what each member’s favorite color is) or a specific one (like, how do you subdivide the various meters in this piece), David, John, Hank and Sunny are here to answer your questions. Submit your query here, and members of Kronos will record their video responses to as many as possible in the coming days and weeks. It’s been hard to be separated physically in different spaces these past two weeks, but at least we can all be together in a musical space. Listen to the traditional Good Friday hymn “Wa Habibi” with David, John, Hank and Sunny below. This song was originally released on Kronos’ 2014 Nonesuch Records album A Thousand Thoughts. To share in more of this musical world, listen to Kronos’ crowdsourced Spotify playlist A Season And A Time.
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