A new layer of joy: 44 artists join Kronos to perform “Salam Aleykom”

As part of the Pohoda in the Air online festival this past weekend, Kronos Quartet premiered an expanded performance of Sahba Aminikia‘s “Salam Aleykom,” a re-imagination of Hassan Kassai’s iconic theme that Kronos first released as a work for quartet in May. In an expression of the humanitarian promise of these words that mean “peace and health be upon you,” 44 musicians, artists, and even jugglers from 13 different countries join Kronos for this performance. Each video in the composite was individually recorded by each artist at home and edited together by Aminikia.

Thank you To all the artists!

Sahba Aminikia, keytar (Iran/USA)
Kinan Azmeh, clarinet (Syria)
William Barton, didgeridoo (Australia)
Layale Chaker, violin (Lebanon/France)
Marco Persis Coppola, duhol (Italy/USA)
Atabak Elyasi, setar (Iran)
Her Yerde Sanat Derneği / Sirkhane Social Circus School, jugglers (Turkish/Syrian border)
    Pinar Demiral, co-founder (Turkey/USA)
The Living Earth Show (USA)
Soo Yeon Lyuh, haegeum (South Korea/USA)
Sahba Motallebi, tar (Iran/USA)
Ben Opie, oboe (Australia)
Ceren Oran, dance (Turkey/Germany)
San Francisco Girls Chorus, vocals (USA)
    Valérie Sainte-Agathe, artistic director (France/USA)
Ziya Tabassian, tombak and daf (Iran/Canada)
Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, vocals (Iran)
Vân-ÁnhVõ, đàn bầu and percussion (Vietnam/USA)
Wu Man, pipa (China/USA)

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