Clouded Yellow

Michael Gordon


Clouded Yellow  features four works that revel in blurred harmonies and melodies, shedding light on the beauty of opaqueness… [It] documents [Michael] Gordon and the Kronos Quartet’s innovative experimentation with electronics, clashing layers, and disorienting rhythmic patterns. The resulting music is intricate, dramatic, and thought-provoking: it speaks powerfully to the confusion we all experience when so much of the world around us is blurred.”

Gabriela Tedeschi, Second Inversion

About the album

Since 2000, Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon has collaborated with Kronos on a series of provocative works that are collected in Clouded Yellow for the first time.  “Gordon, it’s clear, is himself now part of the extended Kronos Quartet family—a composer to whom the ensemble has turned repeatedly for inspiring, invigorating jolts of new creative energy,” writes Steve Smith in the liner noters for the album. “[This] collection… is a profound testament to their connection, a decade-long cross-section of active musical lives that have come into alignment on regular occasions, always yielding emphatic (and emphatically different) results.”


Kronos Quartet
David Harrington, violin
John Sherba, violin
Hank Dutt, viola
Jeffrey Zeigler, cello

with Young People’s Chorus of New York City, Francisco J. Núñez, Founder and Artistic Director

The tape to The Sad Park was recorded by Loyan Beausoleil, with post-production engineering by R. Luke DuBois.

Produced by Scott Fraser and Kronos Quartet
Executive producers: Michael Gordon, David Lang, Kenny Savelson, and Julia Wolfe

  1. Clouded Yellow (2010)
  2. Potassium (2000)
  3. The Sad Park (2005), Part 1: Two evil planes broke in little pieces and fire came.
  4. The Sad Park, Part 2: There was a big boom and then there was teeny fiery coming out.
  5. The Sad Park, Part 3: I just heard that on the news that the buildings are crashing down.
  6. The Sad Park, Part 4: and all the persons that were in the airplane died.
  7. Exalted (feat. Young People’s Chorus of New York City [Francisco J. Núñez, Founder & Artistic Director])

Released by Cantaloupe Music

Two remixes – one by Adam Cuthbert featuring Bill Frisell on guitar and one produced in collaboration with Sunset Youth Services in San Francisco – were released as bonus tracks in July 2019.



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