Kronos Caravan

Kronos Quartet


“One of the group’s most compelling and accessible recordings to date… [Kronos] is severely underrated when it comes to its dedication to premiering the works of international composers. Just about every nation has its version of the violin, and Kronos has made an effort to represent string music from every corner of the world… It’s a globe-trotting treat, like walking through a world market and being bombarded by dozens of exotic spices at once.”

Joshua Klein, The A.V. Club

About the album

2001 Edison Prize – Chamber Music

Kronos Caravan is inspired by the part of the world once known as “Pannonia” – the territory that connects northeastern Europe with the Mediterranean and western Asia. This crossroads of peoples and cultures is the starting point for a collection of arrangements and compositions that includes Portuguese fados, an Indian film theme, a Romanian Gypsy theme, and music from Iran, Hungary, and the Arab world. One unifying force that serves to bring some of these seemingly disparate musical elements together is the work of Argentinean composer Osvaldo Golijov, who arranged three-quarters of the material on this album. Kronos is joined by an assortment of superior instrumentalists including Zakir Hussain, Ali Jihad Racy, Kayhan Kalhor, and others.


Kronos Quartet
David Harrington, violin
John Sherba, violin
Hank Dutt, viola
Jennifer Culp, cello

Zakir Hussain, tabla
Taraf de Haïdouks: Anghel “Caliu” Gheorghe, Constantin “Costică” Lautaru, violin; Ionel “Ioniţă” Manole, Marin “Marius” Manole, accordion; Ion “Ionică” Tanase, cymbalum; Viorel Vlad, double bass
Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh
Ziya Tabassian, tombak
Ali Jihad Racy, nay
Souhail Kaspar, tar
Martyn Jones, drums

Cortejo Fúnebre en el Monte Diablo backing track made by Terry Riley from playback samples created on an Ensoniq TS12 with an Emagics Logic sequencing engine.

Produced by Judith Sherman
Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

  1. Pannonia Boundless
    Composed by Aleksandra Vrebalov
  2. Cancão Verdes Anos (Song of the Green Years)
    Composed by Carlos Paredes, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  3. Aaj Ki Raat (Tonight Is the Night) (feat. Zakir Hussain)
    Composed by Rahul Dev Burman, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  4. La Muerte Chiquita (The Little Death)
    Composed by Enrique Rangel, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  5. Turceasca (Turkish Song) (feat. Taraf de Haïdouks)
    Composed by Sapo Perapaskero, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  6. Szomorú Vasárnap (Gloomy Sunday)
    Composed by Rezsö Seress, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  7. Cortejo Fúnebre en el Monte Diable (Funeral March on Mount Diablo)
    Composed by Terry Riley
  8. Responso (Responsory)
    Composed by Aníbal Troilo, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  9. Romance No. 1
    Composed by Carlos Paredes, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  10. Gallop of a Thousand Horses (feat. Kayhan Kalhor and Ziya Tabassian)
    Composed by Kayhan Kalhor
  11. Ecstasy (feat. Ali Jihad Racy and Souhail Kaspar)
    Composed by Ali Jihad Racy
  12. Misirlou Twist (feat. Martyn Jones)
    Composed by Nicholas Roubanis, inspired by Dick Dale, arr. Osvaldo Golijov

Released by Nonesuch Records



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