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“David Harrington, the Kronos’ artistic director and founder, once said, ‘I’ve always wanted the string quartet to be vital, and energetic, and alive, and cool, and not afraid to kick ass… But it has to be expressive of life. To tell the story with grace and humour and depth.’ With Floodplain, the Kronos Quartet has done all the above. Once again, they’ve pushed boundaries to produce a disc that stretches, excites and inspires the senses… Full marks to the Kronos Quartet for championing countries more known in the West for their instability than for their rich musical cultures. It’s the vibrant musical performances though, saturated with humanity, pathos and soul, which give this disc its edge.”

Charlotte Gardner, BBC Music

About the album

On Floodplain, the Kronos Quartet explores work from the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe with original arrangements of traditional music and newly commissioned pieces. Floodplains are extremely fertile tracts of land that border rivers, and many have been settled for millennia. The album was inspired by the idea that floodplains—which are prone to devastating flooding—will experience new life after a catastrophe, just as cultures that undergo great difficulty will experience creative fertility.

Kronos’ artistic director and founder David Harrington says, “Floodplain was imagined and recorded during one era in American politics, and then released during a very different one. Our work is a continuously evolving interaction with the world we are a part of, and we are always trying to find ways to reflect what it means to be musicians today.”


Kronos Quartet
David Harrington, violin, shruti box, duo dunia, gusle
John Sherba, violin, duo dunia, tapan
Hank Dutt, viola, tambourine, kina cha viola
Jeffrey Zeigler, cello, beguèna maridhia

Jamie Papish, riqq, darbukka
Alim Qasimov Ensemble
Terry Riley, tambura
Wu Man, electric sitar

Produced by David Harrington
Co-produced by Scott Fraser
Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

  1. Ya Habibi Ta’ala (My Love, Come Quickly) (feat. Jamie Papish, riqq)
    Composed by Midhat Assem, arr. Osvaldo Golijov and Kronos Quartet
  2. Tashweesh (Interference) (feat. Ramallah Underground, electronics)
    Composed by Ramallah Underground, arr. Kronos Quartet and Jacob Garchik
  3. Wa Habibi (Beloved)
    Traditional, arr. Stephen Prutsman
  4. Getme, Getme (Don’t Leave, Don’t Leave) (feat. Alim Qasimov Ensemble)
    Composed by Said Rustamov, arr. Alim Qasimov, string arr. Jacob Garchik
  5. Raga Mishra Bhairavi: Alap (feat. Terry Riley, tambura; Wu Man, electric sitar)
    Composed by Ram Narayan, arr. Kronos Quartet, transc. Ljova
  6. Oh Mother, the Handsome Man Tortures Me
    Unknown, arr. Ljova and Kronos Quartet
  7. Mugam Beyati Shiraz
    Composed by Rahman Asadollahi, arr. Kronos Quartet, transc. Ljova
  8. Lullaby
    Traditional, arr. Kronos Quartet and Jacob Garchik
  9. Nihavent Sirto (feat. Jamie Papish, darbukka)
    Composed by Tanburi Cemil Bey, arr. Stephen Prutsman
  10. Kara Kemir
    Composed by Kuat Shildebaev, arr. Kronos Quartet
  11. Tèw semagn hagèré (Listen to Me, My Fellow Countrymen)
    Composed by Alèmu Aga, arr. Jacob Garchik
    Instruments designed and constructed by Walter Kitundu
  12. … hold me, neighbor, in this storm …
    Composed by Aleksandra Vrebalov

Released by Nonesuch Records



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