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“In its continuing quest to play every musical style, Kronos has just released an album, Nuevo, that’s an idiosyncratic anthology of Mexican compositions: classical, rural, television themes, romantic ballads, warped easy listening, alternative rock… The approach [is] typically fond, knowing and diligent. Kronos convey the supercharged, near-kitschy emotion and the knowing humor of some pieces and the reverence and intensity of others… There’s no denying Kronos’s scouting abilities, dexterity and abundant good will.”

Jon Pareles, The New York Times

About the album

2003 Latin Grammy Nominee — Best Classical Album

2003 Grammy Nominee – Best Classical Crossover Album

Collecting music from Mexico spanning nearly 100 years, Nuevo presents a kaleidoscopic view of a music as diverse as the culture of the country itself. On each track, Kronos’ sound is transformed through the collaborative efforts of co-producers Gustavo Santaolalla, the noted Argentinean musician and Rock en Español producer, longtime Kronos producer Judith Sherman, and Kronos artistic director David Harrington, as well as through arrangements by composers Osvaldo Golijov, Stephen Prutsman, and Ricardo Gallardo, whose efforts serve to reflect the individual spirit and character of each song. Harrington notes that walking through Mexico City inspired the record. “I became fascinated with this sense of the layering of things there—of time, of music, of culture, of art … And how you’d walk down the street and never know what you’re going to hear next.”


Kronos Quartet
David Harrington, violin
John Sherba, violin
Hank Dutt, viola
Jennifer Culp, cello

Luanne Warner, marimba

Alejandro Flores, vocals, violin
Efrén Vargas, vocals

Carlos Garcia, musical leaf

Tambuco Percussion Ensemble
Ricardo Gallardo
Alfredo Bringas
Cláudia Oliveira
Raúl Tudón

Rominko Patixtan Patixtan, arpa
Pegro Lunes Tak’il Bek’et, vob
Carmen Gomez Oso, Xun Perez Hol Cotom, Rominko Mendez Xik, vocals

Luis Conte, percussion

Ariel Guzik, plasmaht

Gustavo Santaolalla, toys, percussion

Café Tacuba
Ritacantalagua, electric guitar
Emmanuel, programming, keyboards, jarana
Quique, jarana, concha, programming
Joselo, electric guitar
Alejandro Flores, violin, requinto

Produced by Gustavo Santaolalla, David Harrington, and Judith Sherman
Co-produced by Aníbal Kerpel
Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

  1. El Sinaloense (The Man from Sinaloa)
    Composed by Severiano Briseño, arr. by Osvaldo Golijov
  2. Se Me Hizo Fácil (It Was Easy for Me) (feat. Luanne Warner)
    Composed by Agustín Lara, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  3. Mini Skirt
    Composed by Juan García Esquivel, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  4. El Llorar (Crying) (feat. Alejandro Flores and Efrén Vargas)
    Composed by Traditional (Son Huasteco), arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  5. Perfidia (Perfidy) (feat. Carlos Garcia)
    Composed by Alberto Domínguez, arr. Stephen Prutsman
  6. Sensemayá (feat. Tambuco Percussion Ensemble)
    Composed by Silvestre Revueltas, arr. Stephen Prutsman
  7. K’in Sventa Ch’ul Me’tik Kwadulupe (Festival for the Holy Mother Guadalupe) (feat. Luanne Warner, Rominko Patixtan Patixtan, Pegro Lunes Tak’il Bek’et, Carmen Gomez Oso, Xun Perez Hol Cotom, and Rominko Mendez Xik)
    Composed by Osvaldo Golijov
  8. Tabú (feat. Luis Conte)
    Composed by Margarita Lecuona, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  9. Cuatro Milpas (Four Cornfields)
    Composed by Belisario García de Jesús and José Elizondo, arr. Stephen Prutsman
  10. Chavosuite (feat. Gustavo Santaolalla)
    Medley of songs composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, El Chapulín Colorado, and Roberto Gómez Bolaños, arr. Ricardo Gallardo
  11. Plasmaht (feat. Ariel Guzik)
    Composed by Ariel Guzik, arr. Kronos Quartet
  12. Nacho Verduzco
    Composed by Chalino Sánchez, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  13. 12/12 (feat. Café Tacuba)
    Composed by Café Tacuba, arr. Osvaldo Golijov
  14. El Sinaloense (Dance Mix)
    Remix by Plankton Man

Released by Nonesuch Records



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