The Sea Ranch Songs

Aleksandra Vrebalov


“Sea Ranch, a small community perched on Northern California’s oceanside cliffs, is one of a few places where the 1960s utopian dream of living in harmony with the land still survives… Vrebalov’s Sea Ranch landscape is rooted partially in atmospheric sonic vistas, and partially in the mellow, colorful California minimalism that some of the original Sea Ranchers may have had in their LP collections… it creates a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world: Sea Ranch’s mission and way of life, manifest musically.”

Zoë Madonna, Q2 Music (WQXR)

About the album

Commissioned for the Kronos Quartet by the community of The Sea Ranch in celebration of the famed California seaside retreat’s 50th birthday, composer Aleksandra Vrebalov’s The Sea Ranch Songs connects with the spirit, nature, and architecture of this unique place — a grand experiment in environmental stewardship, land development and intentional community planning.

Featuring documented sounds from the Northern California coastal community and its wild surroundings, this multimedia work is paired with a dreamlike cinematic exploration by videographer Andrew Lyndon. The film may be viewed on YouTube, and its is also included on a bonus DVD with the CD and as part of the iTunes Deluxe Edition.

“The Sea Ranch idea on a global scale might be utopian,” Vrebalov writes in her liner notes, “but through music, we praise its beauty and affirm its urgent relevance in our wounded world, so much in need of healing.”


Kronos Quartet
David Harrington, violin
John Sherba, violin
Hank Dutt, viola
Sunny Yang, cello

Video and animation by Andrew Lyndon

Produced by Kronos Quartet and Aleksandra Vrebalov

Aleksandra Vrebalov’s The Sea Ranch Songs was commissioned for the Kronos Quartet by the community of The Sea Ranch in celebration of its 50th Birthday, with special thanks to Marilyn Green and Drew McCalley, Andrea Lunsford, Donlyn Lyndon and Alice Wingwall, Dennis and Nancy Marks, and John and Nancy Fox.

The Sea Ranch Songs

  1. Spirit I
  2. Fort Ross Chorale
  3. Gratitude
  4. Numbers
  5. Ideas: Condominium One
  6. Creatures
  7. Chapel, Rainbows
  8. Elements I
  9. Starry Night
  10. Ideas: Barn Fugue
  11. Spirit II
  12. Elements II
  13. Gratitude, Coda

Released by Cantaloupe Music



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